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    VPS Servers, Content Delivery Networks (CDN), SAN Storage, Load Balancing, DNS & More! Launch over 50 popular Open Source applications, powered by JumpBox.

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Secure & Reliable

The kind of redunancy, power and network capabilities you would expect from a 5-star VPS provider. Our teams and partners keep our data centers operating and customer supported - 24x7x365.


Real Virtualization

Unlike most VPS providers, we also provide a cloud-like offering with CDN, Load Balancing, DNS and more! This allows customers to run their high availability applications and/or websites without a sweat.


24x7x365 Support

We offer support tickets and live chat to our customers 24x7x365. Any issue should never take longer than 15 minutes to be attended to and our support team always handles issues in a timely fashion.

More Cheap VPS Features

Why pay more? It's just space.


On-Demand VPS Servers

All of our VPS servers are ready and deployable on-demand. Easily Reboot, Scale, Backup or Delete servers on-demand as well. The power of the cloud, with VPS.


VPS Backups

All VPS servers have the ability to create instant and/or scheduled backups, on-demand.


GIT/SVN Support

Web Developers love using version control systems. All of our hosting accounts can use GIT & SVN command line tools on our servers. Simply request SSH access to get started.


280+ Install Scripts

Every VPS server that is deployed, comes with the option for launching over 50+ popular open source applications, with ease. No programming or linux knowledge is required.


cPanel VPS

Instantly launch a CPanel/WHM-based VPS server. All cPanel VPS servers are licensed automatically and available instantly on-demand.



Instantly launch servers that are Node.js, PHP, Ruby on Rails and MySQL ready. Many other frameworks are available. Ask a CheapyVPS engineer for more information on our other frameworks!